This is a small version of some of my story

I began practicing yoga in my final year of university amidst dissertation stress, 20-something angst and at the tail end of a bad patch of an anxiety disorder. I have been active and sporty my whole life, so didn't come to the practice with big expectations of it being a physical challenge. I just wanted to relax a bit more. I underestimated on both accounts. 

I studied psychology and I have always been interested in topics of healing and living well. In the beautiful way hindsight often is, it makes clear sense that yoga is a path I may have stumbled across. However in life, often we don't see the corners until we are around them. Those first few yoga classes were one of those corners. 

Gradually this practice became a part of my everyday. My interest in holistic health and wellness spurred on and the desire to create a life that was authentic and in line with my purpose became a necessity. I am still learning all the time. But I really believe in these practices as tools to do just that. Yoga, paddle boarding, coaching, holistic living; I believe in them because I live them. 

I grew up in London, studied in Edinburgh, lived in Melbourne, pretended to surf for a while in India and became a yoga teacher in Bali. Wanderlust is my best and most consistent vice. One day I believe I will find a warm beach town that anchors me. But for now I am still looking. Watch this space. 

I worked in organisational psychology, project & events management in London town before taking a jump into doing this work as my work and I am still seeing what happens next. Life is good when you jump though.

I am fully qualified yoga teacher, SUP yoga teacher & SUP instructor. If you want to learn more about my training check out my blog, the relevant pages on this site or just ask :)